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Month: May, 2010

Got fucked very hard inside the elevator

Tommy got the best out of my webcam vagina yesterday. I had a major crush on this cute neighbor of mine for months and as we entered the elevator at the same time, I told myself that it was a unique opportunity to make him want me more. So after going down a couple of floors I hit the alarm button and stopped the elevator somewhere around sixth floor. Then I asked him if he liked brunettes as I started unbuttoning his shirt. He appeared to be fin with lusty brunettes jumping all over him and stood there smiling without moving a muscle. I got completely naked, unzipped his pants and jumped in his arms. “Fuck me as hard as you can” I told him and started rubbing my pussy against his cock. It was the moment of truth… He pushed me against the elevator’s wall, inserted an 18” sausage inside me and fucked my brunette pussy so hard that it made the entire elevator move…When we reached the ground floor I made him promise he’d look me up on :)Click here to view our last show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us.

Gymnast In The Sac

Gymnast In The Sac

“I used to do gymnastics big time at high school but I stopped competing when I became a cheerleader,” said Chloe. “But I still kept practicing at home, and now my guy and me get to use those skills in a whole, new way… for having sex. He’s in the army right now and he’s out of the country. He really wanted me to be in NN, but we ran out of time to do it before he shipped out. So my girlfriend took these photos, and I’ll be able to send him the mag so he can show his buddies the pussy that’s waiting for him when he gets home. I plan on us being in bed for a few days straight.”

Gymnast In The Sac


Let’s See What Kiki Marie Does In Her Free Time

Let's See What Kiki Marie Does In Her Free Time

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: most girls watch a lot more porn than they admit to. Ask them point blank and they’ll lie to your faces. But Kiki Marie, who’s 19 and from Birmingham, Alabama, isn’t one of those lying girls. She freely admits that she spends her free time sitting around watching porn and masturbating. And that’s exactly what she does in this video: She slips in a porn DVD, sits back on her couch and slips her fingers and then a pink dildo into her sweet, hairless, pink cunt. The dildo is a special touch.

“I usually don’t use toys when I masturbate,” Kiki Marie said. “Natural is always best. I get the most pleasure playing with my clit. But I’m playing with the dildo just for you!”

Thanks, Kiki. We owe you one.

Let's See What Kiki Marie Does In Her Free Time


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Sultry and seductive, this nasty cyber sex chat hottie has no inhibitions and plenty of naughty skills to make her private free porn streaming shows a cock draining experience. BeverlySQUIRTcan’t wait for you to jump into her webcam strip and for you to see just what she is all about so you can enjoy yourself. Getting you to turn on your free webcam show so she can watch you turns her on and she loves seeing her partner need some guidance then turn animal as the passion begins to climax for you both. It’s plain to see this xxx sex cam beauty has a lovely face, tasty big tits and a sinfully tempting body and she can use every asset she has to make your personal live xxx sex chat time with her sizzling hot.

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Have you ever been with a sexy brunette that’s got exactly what you want? She loves to talk with guys that know what they want and more if she’s what they want. She will satisfy your innermost pleasures and make you stroke that cock as fast as you can. You wanna know her specialty? She cums with a white creamy cum dripping all over her clit, pussy and pink asshole!Click here to view our last show pics and to view our profile and know a lot more about us, click here.

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Don’t you just love a hot horny blonde that just can’t get enough sex? Meet PrettySweety, she is a fem that loves having sex and loves fingering and sticking things in that pink tight pussy she’s got in order to make her cum and she loves being watched while doing it, so if you are in the mood for peeping, this is your chance to legally peep into this master of sex!Click here to view our last show pics and to view our profile and know a lot more about us, click here.

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