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Month: August, 2011


Sexy young, fun, flirty, carmel chick, looking to make your, wishes and dreams cum true! Hopefully mine too!……

She can eat jizz all day long and still think it’s delicious

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London Fingering Herself

London looks right at home masturbating with her finger right up her pussy like this…. One finger in her cooter getting her off, and the other hand on her breasts helping to get her off! She needs a little bit more than just a finger to get her off when she is masturbating – she needs to feel like someone is touching her! And playing with her breast while she’s fucking herself with her finger seems to be just the right trick!

For London, fingering herself is better than when she feverishly masturbates with her pocket rocket! It’s something about how her finger can slide up inside of her and curve just right! No matter – London loves masturbating, be it with her fingers or her favorite vibrator!

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Horny Naughty Amateur

This horny chick was rubbing her cunt through her panties, when a stud takes them off to give her a wet twat munching. When she’s dripping wet, the hunky stud slides in his dick and bangs her nasty. Watch this chick enjoy a wild fucking here!

Rewarding herself.

Rewarding herself.

Jade, 19, is a Miami girl who’s going to college in Northern Florida. She is 5’11”, weighs 160 pounds, wears 36D bras and low risers or thongs. She promised herself that if she had a good first year in college, she would reward herself by screwing one of our studs. “A couple of my friends posed solo for NN and the idea really appealed to me,” she said. “But when their issues came out, I saw that girls were screwing real porn studs and I couldn’t get the thought of doing that out of my mind. By the time I called the editor of NN to ask about it, it was, like, six months since I’d had sex and I was awfully horny. I couldn’t wait for the day to come. I certainly caught up on things once Johnny and I got started,” said Jade. “I had an orgasm while he was licking me out, then another about as soon as he pushed his cock into me. They were, like, bonuses as far as I was concerned because I’d thought that I might not be able to cum at all knowing that we were being photographed. It was so cool to be with a guy who was as concerned about satisfying me as he was about satisfying himself. The guys around my age that I’ve screwed in the past were really only interested in self-satisfaction. I mostly like to be on top when I’m having sex,” said Jade, “especially if the guy plays with my nipples. Apart from that, I like getting it from behind because the guy’s cock goes real deep into me and he can grab my ass cheeks and work ’em. I love slow sex. We take a break every couple of minutes so we can both cool down before getting into it again. To me, ideal sex would be, like, 25 to 30 minutes, but I’ll probably never be lucky enough to experience that.”

Rewarding herself.

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A Cautious Cougar!

A Cautious Cougar!

Meet Jodi, 46. She is 5’6″, weighs 120 pounds, wears 34D bras
and prefers thongs or going commando. Her birthday is May 29.
Jodi manages an online ebay store and works behind the scenes
in a casino. “You might think that Vegas would be a great place
for a cougar to hunt, but it’s not,” said Jodi. “Too many people
who come to Vegas are not who they make themselves out to
be: you gotta be real careful. I don’t hang out in the bars or
clubs in the casinos, I go to some places that only locals frequent,
so I kinda ‘know’ a guy-at least by sight-before I hook
up with him. I like guys in their late 20s or early 30s because
they still have the staying power in bed and-hopefully-they
have some experience as well in giving a girl what she wants.”

“When I hook up with a guy, I always insist on going back to my
place. It’s another little safety thing of mine and I know that my
Glock is in the bottom drawer beside my bed, just in case I need
it,” said Jodi. “If a guy has me really hot for him, I love to go
around the world, starting with oral. I love giving BJs and guys
love getting them from me because I can deep-throat and I
swallow. But I expect pay back in the form of an orgasm or two
from having my clit licked. Then, once my motor’s running, I’ll
screw any way the guy suggests because I’ll cum after a few
minutes. I like butt sex last, once I’m all loosey-goosey. Sometimes
I actually cum that way, but it feels super-good anyway
and feeling my butt being filled with jizz is a great ending.”

A Cautious Cougar!

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Bikini Babe Energetically masturbates

Usually chicks can just snap their fingers and get laid. Not poor Ashlee Breann. Seem she cannot find herself a man no matter what she does! But that’s not about to stop her – not when she has her fingers to take care of her sexual needs!

Ashlee Breann was just out of the shower when that moment hit. She was wearing her favorite, and she knew she had to get off. She had time before she had to meet her friends so she decided she had enough time to get do a little magic with her fingers… She loves to masturbate! She pulled her perky teen breasts out of her beautiful pink bikini, hiked her up bikini bottom exposing her teen pussy, and started to play with her pussy with her fingers!

She was hoping to get some attention at the pool, but now that she had the chance to masturbate…. She won’t be nearly as desperate!

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Angela Feverishly masturbates

Angela must be in high demand. Take a good solid look at her; She’s all boobs! You know she gets a lot of attention! But still she likes nothing more than get naked on her own and do what just comes natural, You know, with her fingers! All girls like to masturbate with their fingers so why should Angela be any different?

She knows exactly how to do do it too. Angela knows how to masturbate with her fingers! One finger to play with the top of her clit, and another finger in her pussy! She’ll get off quickly! She always does when she masturbates with her fingers!

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