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Just a tent and the two of us

My boyfriend knows how much I enjoy tiny private spaces and how excited I get under the covers. So Saturday he thought we suspend our webcam activity and go camping in a tent. Sucking and fucking in a small tent couldn’t be anything but great so I was totally in without thinking twice. Once there things got crazy. And to add even more to my fetish, my boyfriend unzipped a sleeping bag, left his clothes aside and scooped inside waiting for me to join him. We slow fucked with short moves for an entire hour making the sleeping bag come to life like a giant worm. The finishing part however was the best. Exactly before cumming he got out of the bag, closed it all the way to the top leaving only my face uncovered and put his dick into my mouth. I helplessly sucked all his cumm out and it felt amazing… We even decided to do that again on and i’m looking forward for tonight 🙂Click here to view our last show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us.