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How To Get Ready for A Free Hook Up

The interesting thing about the online hookup scene(eg is that the whole idea of a sex hookup is actually very easy.

I know that may sound hard to believe, but that is exactly the case.

Thanks to the Internet and anonymous classified ads websites, hooking up with that hottie down the street or across state lines or across the country has become so much easier.

It really all boils down to how awesome the database of the website you’re joining is.

With that said, if you got a hookup going, it’s still very easy to drop the ball.

It’s still very easy to walk away disappointed and depressed.

Simply put, too many guys just go about the process the wrong way.

They come unprepared.

If you want to get ready for a satisfying hookup, pay attention to the tips outlined below.

– Make Sure You Bring Protection

The first step is to physically protect yourself.

I am of course talking about your health.

There are just so many bugs and many diseases out there.

We’re not just talking about the ones you know about; we’re also talking about the ones you don’t know about.

So it’s really important to make sure that you are adequately protected.

We’re not just talking about condoms, we’re also talking about creams.

You have to remember that herpes is spread through skin contact.

Thankfully, there are antiviral ointments and creams out there.

Make sure you bring protection because you really cannot expect that the other person will bring protection.

People are lazy, people do get busy, so don’t rely on them.

Focus on yourself being ready instead.

– Make Sure You Bring the Right Attitude

This is actually a more important piece of advice than protection.

The main reason I put protection upfront is because it’s nonnegotiable: you need to bring protection.

With that said, you also have to bring the right attitude because if you want your hookup to be mutually beneficial and pleasurable, you have to have the right attitude.

Too many guys go in thinking that they’re going to meet this Angelina Jolie supermodel babe and just have fun with her.


Little do they know that their emotions get involved, and all of a sudden they want to have a deeper relationship with her.

This really spoils the moment because

the women who often consent do this kind of arrangement are not looking for emotional attachment.

Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?

So make sure your attitude and expectations are in the right place.

The right attitude is that it’s an adventure and you’re out there to have fun.

Just leave it at that and let things take their own course.

If you want to take it deeper and she wants to take it deeper, then that’s fine.

However, if only one of you wants to take it to the next level, it’s probably not going to work out.

So you need to have the right attitude.

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