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Month: July, 2010

She’s A Dirty, Little Girl!

She's A Dirty, Little Girl!

“I shagged a bloke for the first time on the day I turned 16 and it became legal, and I hardly stopped since,” said Jada. “I love sex; can’t get enough of it. But I’m not a slag; I won’t shag any old bloke and I don’t go for one night stands. I have a two-date rule before I’ll spread my legs. And my other rule is that if a guy can’t make me cum the first time we shag, he won’t get another chance. I’m not going to waste time with a guy who can’t satisfy me, there are too many others out there who are eager to do the job properly.”

She's A Dirty, Little Girl!


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A Bush Baby From The Bronx

A Bush Baby From The Bronx

Karen (5’8″, 124 pounds, 36B bras) is an animal caretaker at the zoo. “The pay’s not great and the odd hours interfere with having a regular social life, but I love my job,” she said. “I posed for these photos because I’d been through four or five relationships in less than 18 months, and I began to think that I wasn’t attractive or sexy or something. I’m not being conceited, but I know there’s nothing wrong with my personality. I found a NN in the lunch room at work, took it home and decided it was time for the world to see the whole me. If I was okay to be in the magazine, you guys must think I look sexy.”

“I got rid of my pubes for a guy when I was 19. He loved the bare look and spent lots of time licking me down there to prove it. The orgasms were wonderful, but I didn’t care for the regular shaving or the itching it caused. When we broke up, I decided I’d never do it again. The guys I’ve been with since then seemed delighted when they discovered my pubes, and it sure didn’t stop them from eating me out or doing anything else. I go for active, hard sex–not rough sex. I like screwing any which way, but I love doggie-style when it leads from regular sex to anal sex which drives me absolutely, screaming wild.”

A Bush Baby From The Bronx


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Showing She’s Not Really Shy

Showing She's Not Really Shy

“I wasn’t shy about getting naked and stuff in front of my girlfriend so she could take these photos, but I’m really shy around guys that I don’t know and they often think that I’m being a bitch and they ignore me,” said Jamie. So, I don’t get asked out on dates as often as I’d like. I haven’t been having sex for very long, but I love it and I’d probably go all the way with a guy on a fourth date if I really like him. But if a guy expects sex on, like, a second date, then he’s outta luck ’cause that’s too soon for me.”

“Some of my girlfriends are dating guys in their late 20s and early 30s and they tell me that’s the way to go because the older guys are more considerate to their girls and they’re way better in bed,” said Jamie. “The guys I’ve had sex with didn’t seem too interested in whether I had a good time or not; they were more concerned with cumming and then taking off to do something else. I don’t think that’s the way that sex should be unless you both know that you’re just having a quickie. Sex should be taken slow with the girl getting to enjoy it, too.”

Showing She's Not Really Shy


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