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Month: December, 2018

Passion to Lust After

There is so much porn out there, and yet almost everyone I know agrees that it just never feels authentic. That’s not to say that the women aren’t beautiful, or that the action isn’t hot. I mean, you can tell they’re having real sex, some of those camera angles leave NO doubt about that. And yet it feels like there’s something missing. Something that no production budget or latest camera lenses or technology can ever make up for.

That thing is passion. When you have a real life couple making love, you are getting something magical. You can see the intensity, the familiarity. They are comfortable with one another. They know what the other likes. The know exactly how to make them cum. And when you get to witness this dance between lovers, you too are going to find your own experience as a viewer heightened. WHen you get 84% off with this Lustery discount you will find this experience again and again in a huge archive that is steadily growing of real amateur couples in hardcore sex and more!

Don’t Ever Underestimate Them

So many people overlook middle age women as being non sexual beings. This is the furthest thing from the truth. I have no idea how this stereotype even came about, but I assure you it’s completely fabricated. I’ve met a lot of mature women that would blow your mind with the stories they tell. You’d be surprised what scandals go on in a quiet community. A lonely housewife getting more than exercise instruction from a young stud. Or how about the perfect Susie homemaker that deliver baked goods as well as orgasms to her lovely neighbors.

Right now you can use this discount for 74% off Got MYLF and see what I’m talking about. These ladies are just reaching their sexual primes and want to devour any cock that comes near them. Their mastered skills in seduction are no match for much younger partners that have no idea of the lessons they are about to learn. Each scenario is sexier than the last and sure to have you second guessing every hot MILF you come across.