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Month: April, 2011

“I was dared to pose like this.”

“My boyfriend learned that you never dare me to do anything, because I will,” Sasha said. “When I was gonna pose, he dared me to do it outside somewhere,

so I did…in the parking lot of his condo complex on a Sunday morning. I was all turned on thinking that I might be caught or somebody might be spying on

me, but he was worried about it. He knows I’m a super-flirt and that I love to be the center of attention, and he enjoys watching me in action when we go

to a club or a party. He was the one who borrowed some NN, showed them to me and told me that I’m sexy enough to be in the mag, too. It was awesome when

you NN guys asked me to do some videos, too.”

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She’s Cougarlicious!

She's Cougarlicious!

“I am extremely conservative and business-like at work, but in my own time, I like to let my hair down, have fun and get some action if I’m lucky,” said Ciara. “My best friend, who’s divorced, lives on the outskirts of Atlanta, so I go and stay with her at least a couple of weekends a month and we go out on the town there. We have some clubs and bars that we check out for action and, if we’re lucky, we hook up with a couple of 20something guys. Most guys around my age who are single or divorced seem to be looking for a relationship rather than just getting together and seeing what happens,” she said. “That’s why my friend and I like the younger guys: they know it’s just about sex and we don’t expect anything more than some clit-licking and good fucking. If a guy’s really good, I’ll do a second night if he wants it, but I don’t mind if he doesn’t. I like sex that starts off slow and gentle and gets fast and furious when I’m about to cum and I tell the guy to speed up. Then I get really wet, start talking dirty and thrash around like a fish out of water. Guys love it.”

She's Cougarlicious!

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Just divorced and hungry for dick!

Just divorced and hungry for dick!

Sasha is newly divorced. She is 5’6″, weighs 122 pounds, wears 34B bras and wears Victoria’s Secret panties. She is a sales associate in a furniture showroom. “Although the divorce was all my ex-husband’s doing–he left me for a woman 10-years older than him–I resolved not to be a weepy, oh-pity-me divorcee, but to get right back into the dating world. But I did take the bastard for every cent I could! I soon found that most of the guys of the age I’d normally consider dating who hang out in bars and clubs are either cheating husbands or are emotionally fucked up. A divorced friend introduced me to the cougar scene. It’s exactly what I wanted,” said Sasha. “I know what I want: good sex and orgasms, and the 20something guys know what they want: good sex without commitment. It’s perfect! My friend and I hunt together, talking to groups of guys till we see that we each have an interested guy. Then we go back to her place, have a couple of drinks then go off to get our jollies. Oral sex, then two or three fucks at a couple of orgasms a pop and I’m satisfied till next time. Only real studs get to stay the night for more fun…and breakfast.”

Just divorced and hungry for dick!

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“I’m Not A Slut.”

“I don’t want the hassles and commitments of having a boyfriend right now,” said Kacey. “I have a lot of friends to hang out with, and when I feel like having a night of sex, I can always find a guy to hook up with. If you think that makes me a slut, then think it. Guys do it as much as they can, so why can’t girls? We discussed that in my sociology class–not as it relates to me–and I found that most of the other students and the professor have the same opinion as me. I posed to show my independence and because I get off on having guys look at me…and for the money.”

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She posed for her boss.

She posed for her boss.

“I wouldn’t want my folks to see the mag, but I’m not worried about my boss seeing it cause he took the photos,” said Katie. “He’s 33 and single. We’re totally professional at work: the other girls have no idea we’re an item. It started when he and I went in one Sunday to tidy the office. I made the first move by kissing him, and soon we were screwing in the dental chair. That was three months ago. Last week, we were exchanging secrets. I told him I’d fantasized about being in a mag like NN and he said he’d fantasized about taking sexy photos.”

She posed for her boss.

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“I’m still learning about sex.”

“I’d be wasting my time if I went to college because it’s just not my thing,” said Tiffany. “I’ve got a full-time job which is pretty good, I guess, considering how bad things are right now. I work
day shifts in a diner that a lot of guys come to for lunch, so I’m always having guys hit on me. Sometimes it’s a lot of fun if the guys are young and sexy, but it’s a bit creepy when the guys are,
like, old enough to be my dad. But, either way, I get pretty good tips considering the food’s not expensive. So I’m not complaining.”

“Most of the kids I knew from high school are going to college, so I hardly get to see them,” said Tiffany. “That sucks ’cause all the cute guys that I could still be hanging out with are gone. So I decided to date some of the regular customers at the diner; young guys who are cute and funny and built like jocks. That’s the kinda guys I like. The first two guys didn’t work out. We
had nothing much in common when we were alone. But I’ve been going out with a guy for, like, two months and we’re having so much fun. He’s a courier driver, and he always has the latest NN in his
truck to look at during his breaks. He talked me into posing for him, not that I needed much persuading. He’s always going to shows to take photos of hot rods, so he’s really good with his camera.”

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Blonde Amateur Ball Gagged

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