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Month: May, 2017

Swinger Girls Share The Cock In Hot Group Fuck!

derby swingers

While most men would like to think they’re in charge, in reality it’s the wife that holds the balance of power. When she is in a bad mood you don’t get laid, it’s the same for when she is tried or she just doesn’t feel like it. As men we’re not left with many alternatives we have to wait until our wives are ready for sex. It always surprises me how many couples are actively involved in swinging sex. Today I did something that my wife might kill me for, I took a look at Derby Swingers and I also joined up mainly because it was 100% free.

At first I was just a little curious about what sort of couples I’d find inside. It wasn’t like anything really bad was going on inside the members area, it turns out there were many like minded couples just looking for a different sexual experience that they could share with their partner. Swinging sex in Derby seems to be getting more popular by the day and as soon as I can convince my wife to join we’re going to be a part of it.

I feel like I need to give a big shout out. If I didn’t find their very easy to use site I might not have had the courage to look at swinging sex more closely. I also think it’s going to be easier to convince, or maybe beg my wife to give this a try. I’ve actually already picked out a couple that would like us to have our first experience with them. I can hardly wait to get the action going but as I mentioned the first step is getting my wife on board, wish me luck now!

Couple of Things About Finding a Sex Date That Other People are Afraid to Tell You

Couple of Things About Finding a Sex Date That Other People are Afraid to Tell You

The funny thing about finding a sex date with  is that there is a subculture and community that is built around it. Just like any other community, there are all sorts of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. Also, there are certain expectations and assumptions built into and expected from certain social signals. If you walk into the online anonymous sex dating scene and you’re completely clueless regarding these factors, chances are, you won’t be all that successful.

I know it’s very easy to get excited about joining anonymous online dating sites where you can have sex with random female strangers. It seems that all your teenage male fantasies have come true. But you have to beware of certain realities out there, otherwise, you’re just going to be shooting yourself in the foot, and you won’t be that successful. If you want to bang as many different women from all four corners of the world as possible, you need to wrap your mind around the following facts.

There’s a Connection Between Poor Mental State and Casual Sex

Guys who hate themselves or who have low self-confidence and self-esteem do not hook up. I know that there are some guys that are using sex as a compensatory behavior, and this pushes them to hook up more and more. I’m not talking about those dudes. I’m talking about the typical rank and file guy who thinks he’s not going to succeed. Let’s put it this way, if I thought that the ball that I’m shooting at the hoop will not go in, chances are, it won’t go in. There’s a connection between your mental state and your success in hooking up casual sex. Do yourself a favor and improve your self-confidence first so you can increase your chances of success.

There is a Hook Up Gene

Most human beings have DRD4. This is a gene that modulates the amount of dopamine in your brain. People who love to hook up and have sex with random strangers have a very active DRD4. Their dopamine patterns mean that they are more prone to gambling, partying, compulsive risk taking behaviors, as well as alcoholism and ADHD. This doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. All this means is that your brain is wired differently. There’s no shame in that game.

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