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Month: February, 2011

“He was working overtime”

“My guy had to man the phones one Sunday at the
engineering company he works for,” said Ali. “I
went with him ’cause I’d stayed over the night
before-and he promised me breakfast at Mickey
D’s on the way in. We were locked in with the
alarm on, so I knew we’d hear if anybody arrived. I
was feeling horny ’cause we’d had sex, like, three
times during the night, so I set out to seduce him
and do him again. He fetched his camera from his
office and took these photos before we screwed.”

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She flashed around her hometown

She flashed around her hometown

“My boyfriend’s a
poor student, so I
paid for us to go
down to Biloxi for a
few days,” Kalie
said. “We were the
only guests in this
beautiful motel
’cause everyone was
staying in the casino
hotels, I guess. So
we had the pool to
ourselves when I
decided to go topless
for my guy to
take photos. Then I
got more adventurous-
as you can see-
and did this little,
dirty show while he
kept telling me to
stop and put something
on. But you
know he loved it! I
wanted a quickie in
the pool, but we
waited till late at
night and it was
sure worth it.”

She flashed around her hometown

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“Do you like my Taiwanese twat?”

Kitty immigrated
to the U.S. from
Taiwan a few
years ago. She
likes American
guys. “A friend
and I go to some
clubs every weekend
where there
are lots of Chinese
girls and a mix of
Chinese and
American guys,”
she said. “The
Chinese guys all
seem to be looking
for a wife but
the Americans just
want a good time.
That’s what I’m
looking for, too.
Sometimes I’ll
take a guy home
for sex. I really let
myself go and will
do just about anything
once I’ve
had an orgasm.
Guys like that.”

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Hot Pussy For Cold Nights

Hot Pussy For Cold Nights

This 19-year-old sweetie from Colorado is not a prudish goodie-goodie (as her nipple piercings will confirm). She puts on a solo diddle session that will get you hot and bothered on the coldest night. We reckon that you’ll be panting, sweating and cumming right along with her. Enjoy Jessie, guys…you deserve it!

Hot Pussy For Cold Nights

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“I’m gonna show the magazine to everyone.”

“I posed for the money,” said Dolce. “By the time I pay rent and stuff, there’s nothin’ much left to spend on having fun. So I’m gonna treat myself and Shawna–she took the photos–and go to our first Giants (football) game and a Knicks (basketball) game and buy lots of clothes. Shawna’s brother told us about NN. She’s way too shy to pose, but I love it when guys check me out and I like flirting with guys in the deli, so it was easy and fun for me. I can’t wait to get the mag so I can show people.”


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These are kinda honeymoon pics

These are kinda honeymoon pics

“My husband went to a trade show in San Diego and I went,
too,” said Brook. “It was the honeymoon we never had. We
stayed in a great hotel, spent time by the pool when he wasn’t
at the show, had romantic dinners and screwed a whole
lot. One day while he was gone, I stopped into a sex shop
near the hotel and picked up some magazines. That night, I
announced that I wanted to pose for NN, so I did it the next
morning. They’re great honeymoon photos aren’t they?”

These are kinda honeymoon pics


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