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Month: October, 2020

Porn That Never Disappoints

I used to watch porn on a regular basis when I was in college. That was many years ago. I recently got divorced and needed a little sexual stimulation for my fapping sessions. It had been so long that I didn’t know what sites were out there anymore. I went on a mission to find the best porn deals. When I found out I could use this Gloryhole Swallow discount for 46% off, it was an offer too good to refuse. 

As you can imagine, this isn’t a romantic site, which is exactly what I need right now. The last thing I want is to see passionate couples in love. This site is all about getting off. If you don’t know what a gloryhole is then allow me to explain. Guys go into locations that have a hole cut out in the wall. They stick their dicks through the hole and wait for pleasure to come to them. They can’t see the individual on the other side and never know for sure what delights they’ll be in store for. This is porn, so it’s always lovely ladies on the other side. You’ll get to see them suck cock like it’s their last meal. Some of the girls need satisfaction themselves and can’t resist the opportunity, so they’ll slide their tight backsides up against the hole so they can be penetrated and get off as well.