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Month: June, 2011


Blindfold Your eyes and make a step forward, enter into the pulsing Room of Kinkiness, I`m Alice and my room is WonderLand, I will show You everything that`s worth to see, HunnyBunny. Dare to step forward, I`ll be there.

She gets a patio poking

She gets a patio poking

Mandy did her solo thing in NN: she was our centerfold girl in the December ’10 issue. She is 19-years-old, 5’5″, weighs 123 pounds, wears 34B bras and prefers booty shorts. The burger and fries cook sent her solo photos in because she needed the extra money, and once she saw herself in the mag, she got to thinking about making a bit more on the side. With the guy she had been dating away at college, Mandy found herself wishing for a hard dick, so she called us up and asked if we could give her some hardcore action if she took time off work and drove to Miami from her home in Fort Worth, Texas. You never refuse a redhead who wants to fuck…and here she is. “I have a very short fuse; I cum in, like, two minutes when my clit’s being licked,” said Mandy. “I think it surprised Brad when I orgasmed as he was licking me. Then, once that first one was out of the way, I came, like, twice more as we were screwing: I didn’t expect that, either. I like to take it slow when it comes to sex. I’ll do it in any position that the guy wants to try, and I can cum in any position. But when I’m emotionally close to a guy, I love getting into the missionary position and cumming that way so I can look into his eyes as he cums with me. I know that sounds a bit soppy, but I’ve actually talked about it with some of my friends and they all agree with me. So, guys, if the girl you’re screwing wants to go missionary and cum with you, it probably means that she’s got feelings for you. Be warned. I don’t mind if a guy asks to cum on my face, over my boobs or in my mouth,” Mandy said. “If I’ve already cum, I really don’t care. But, given the choice, I’d rather he came inside me because it feels so damned good. I loved screwing Brad with the cameramen watching us; it made it all the more exciting. Well, there have been a few times that I’ve fucked a guy while my girlfriend and her guy were screwing on the next bed, so I’m not shy about fucking in front of other people.”

She gets a patio poking

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Pussy party by the pond

Pussy party by the pond

Sasha, 19, is a self-described party girl who sure enjoys partying with Juan, one of our studs, and his big dick. She gives him a workout in the fresh air and earns a cum salute for her enthusiastic efforts. We’re sure that you will join him.

Pussy party by the pond

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Schoolgirl Fantasies Begin in This Role-Playing Sex Chat Room

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“I might be your dream girl.”

“I think I might be every guy’s dream–a perfect lady for business and a frustrated porn star in bed. When I want sex, I want hours of it, with lots of foreplay and oral and three or four slow fucks till we’re totally exhausted. But any lover soon bores me, so every couple of months I go find a new guy to stimulate me.”

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Webcam Fun with a 21 year old sex bomb

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This 21 year old free webcam hottie loves 69 action. Visit this web cam babe private free streaming sex video room to find out what other nasty things that she enjoys doing. She says she will sing a free xxx song that will bring you closer to her and once you find your way into her online free webcam chat room that you will be hooked by her nasty attitude. This free webcam chat diva is carlywestt and she can’t wait to show you her nasty side

Cute Amateur Model Pussy Tease

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“I’m still learning.”

“I really want to get a couple more tattoos, but they’re expensive and since I’m paying my way through school, I don’t have any spare cash,” Kaylee said. “So the guy I spend time with these days suggested posing for his favorite magazine…and here I am. I said spend time with because I hate the word “dating.” That implies all sorts of long-term things to me, and we’re certainly not long-term as far as I’m concerned–and he knows it. I’m not into one-night-stands. I spend a bit of time with a guy before I’ll screw him, and I’ll dump him real quick if he’s bad at sex and doesn’t satisfy me.”

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Sexy Brit Bush Baby

Sexy Brit Bush Baby

Meet another Bush Baby who comes from across the pond. But it doesn’t bother us if it doesn’t bother you guys. Hillary’s birthday is January 5. She is 5’6″, weighs 135 pounds, wears 34A bras and likes sexy panties. This movie theater cashier was talked into posing by her new bloke who buys NN regularly and happens to be a photographer for one of London’s biggest newspapers, so he knows how to handle a camera. “It wasn’t until we were talking in bed one night after a great shag session that my bloke told me he was a NN fan,” said Hillary. “He showed me some issues (they were the first porn mags I’d ever looked at) and finally convinced me that there are lots of guys who are nuts about girls with pubes. So here I am…for your pleasure.”

“My bloke has the best tongue that’s ever touched my clit,” said Hillary. “And he absolutely loves giving me oral, so sometimes I have two or three orgasms before we start shagging. If I’m that sexed up, I might have two or even three more orgasms before we’re both done. I know I’m a really lucky girl. I’ll do most anything he wants after my first orgasms, so he likes shagging me in all sorts of weird positions that he finds online. We haven’t tried one yet that I didn’t enjoy. I don’t just shag in a bed. We’ve done it all over his flat and mine, in the loos (bathrooms) at some pubs, in the backseat of his car and even in Hyde Park; anywhere he can lift my skirt and get his dick in me.”

Sexy Brit Bush Baby

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Babe with Battery Powered Vibrator

Women love to masturbate, and we’ve learned there are countless ways to make it happen. Some can do it with their fingers, while some like little vibrators. Samantha Belle loves her vibrator – her gigantic, heavy duty, battery powered vibrator. Nothing gets her off more or quicker than her trusty little masturbation friend!

She just slides her panties over to the side and has at it! We don’t think she could slide that thing into her cooter any deeper!

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