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Month: January, 2011

“We christened his boat”

“I was staying in South Florida with a friend over the summer,” said JC.
“When her guy suggested I go out with a friend of his, I expected to meet a
nerd. Even hearing that he had a boat didn’t do it for me. But the guy was-
is-awesome and we hit it off so well that we slept together that night. (First
date sex was new for me.) I couldn’t believe it when I saw Steve’s boat the
next day: we stayed on it for the rest of my visit and it was the obvious place
for me to pose. I’ll use the fee from NN to pay for another visit to Florida.”


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Young, fresh and horny

It’s hot down here in South Florida, and Candie Lynn, a 21-year-old student from Boca Raton, picked a helluva day to water her garden. Fortunately, she’s not wearing much, just a little dress that doesn’t even cover her ass when she bends over.

“It’s hot out here,” Candie said. She bends over so we can see more of her ass, then takes a drink of water, spills some of it on her tits and rubs it in. Her nipples poke through.

“Oh, that feels so much better,”she says, and before we know it, Candie is ignoring her garden and paying attention to her pussy. She hoses it down, keeping the spigot on high, then lies down and gets on all fours.

“I wish I could have a cock in my ass,” she says.

No cock is nearby, so she settles for a dildo instead.

“It’ll do,” Candie said. “But there are times when I really need to get fucked by the real thing, and this was one of them.”

Poor Candie. Poor Candie’s pussy. Lucky members. “I haven’t been screwing for long, and I’ve only been with three guys, so I’m still a beginner, I guess,” said Sonny. “I’d love to meet a sexy, older guy who’d spoil me rotten and take me to bed and teach me all about sex. A guy who’d take his time when he’s licking my clit and then go slow inside me and not cum right away; somebody who’d want me to get off and teach me new ways to fuck. That would be awesome!”

Young, fresh and horny


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“I did this for the dollars!”

“My job’s boring,
but at least I get
paid,” said Mandy.
“I’m not going to
college, so I guess I
have a long, working
life ahead of me
unless I marry a rich
guy or win the lottery.
I’m not into
movies and I can’t
go into bars and
even some clubs, so
that just leaves partying
with friends or
having sex for
entertainment. I was
dating a guy before
he went away to
college. We hooked
up when he was
home and had some
great sex, and he
took these photos.
He suggested sending
them to NN to
make extra money.”


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