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“I’m still learning about sex.”

“I’d be wasting my time if I went to college because it’s just not my thing,” said Tiffany. “I’ve got a full-time job which is pretty good, I guess, considering how bad things are right now. I work
day shifts in a diner that a lot of guys come to for lunch, so I’m always having guys hit on me. Sometimes it’s a lot of fun if the guys are young and sexy, but it’s a bit creepy when the guys are,
like, old enough to be my dad. But, either way, I get pretty good tips considering the food’s not expensive. So I’m not complaining.”

“Most of the kids I knew from high school are going to college, so I hardly get to see them,” said Tiffany. “That sucks ’cause all the cute guys that I could still be hanging out with are gone. So I decided to date some of the regular customers at the diner; young guys who are cute and funny and built like jocks. That’s the kinda guys I like. The first two guys didn’t work out. We
had nothing much in common when we were alone. But I’ve been going out with a guy for, like, two months and we’re having so much fun. He’s a courier driver, and he always has the latest NN in his
truck to look at during his breaks. He talked me into posing for him, not that I needed much persuading. He’s always going to shows to take photos of hot rods, so he’s really good with his camera.”

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