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A cougar’s first cub

A cougar's first cub

Blake is a 40-year-old hair stylist from Scottsdale, Arizona. This recently-divorced babe said, “I’m never gonna get married again! I’m just gonna screw younger guys till my sex drive runs out or the supply of younger lovers dries up.” Blake is 5’6″, weighs 127 pounds, wears 34DD bras and prefers boy shorts and thongs. She posed solo for 40Something (SP211) and asked to fuck one of The SCORE Group’s studs. “I’d only fucked guys about my own age, and I wanted to see what it was like to do a much younger guy before I declared myself a cougar,” she said. “Ivan had imagination, tons of energy and great staying power. If my future younger bedmates are anything like him, I’m gonna be a happy and satisfied gal.” Blake had her first orgasm while Ivan was licking her out, then had a couple more while they were fucking. Later, Ivan told us that she had one of the tightest cock-grabbing cunts he’s ever fucked; so tight that he had a helluva job keeping himself under control. For her part, Blake said she loved being totally filled up for the first time in her life and fucking a guy who really knew what he was doing. Was that a dig at her ex, we asked. “Most definitely!” she declared. “Screwing a guy who wants the best for you and is not just into his own satisfaction is every woman’s dream… and, I know, not all women get to experience that even once. When I start prowling, I’ll give a cub one chance to prove himself and that’s it. If he’s good, he’ll get more …and some special treats.” Blake left us with a few words for horny, single guys in Scottsdale and Phoenix. “Lookout guys ’cause Blake‘s coming and I’ll find you, no matter what bar or club you’re hiding out in! I have a hunting partner who’s just as horny as me. If you and your buddy treat us right when we first meet, we’ll definitely treat you right when we take you home.”

A cougar's first cub

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