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Damsel In And Out Of Dis Dress

Damsel In And Out Of Dis Dress

Our videographer is walking down the street when he sees, up ahead, a damsel in distress. She’s wearing a little, pink, sexy dress, and she’s limping to her car.

“Are you okay?” he asks.

“Yeah, I twisted my ankle I think,” she said. “My heel must’ve got stuck in the grass.”

He offers to take her to the hospital, but she asks him to help her get back to her apartment?

Now, at this point, you might wonder, “Hasn’t she noticed his camera?” and “Is he going to carry her back to her apartment?” The answer to your questions: Apparently not and no. It would be nice of him to carry her, but he just follows her…and keeps hitting on her! What a pig! She invites him up to her apartment on the second floor, but again, he doesn’t do anything but follow her and look up her dress when she bends over. What a slob!

When they get to her apartment, she gets into bed, and he notices that she’s not wearing underwear.

“You’re flashing me,” he says.

“I’m flashing you?” she says. “I just don’t like wearing panties.” And the show continues!

Damsel In And Out Of Dis Dress