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Down And Dirty For The Guys

Down And Dirty For The Guys

“I run into a lot of horny guys on a daily basis because of my job,? said Lorelei. “I might go out to lunch with a client (they’re usually guys) or, occasionally, meet one for a drink after
work?to keep pushing my sales pitch?but that’s it. I don’t shit where I eat. When I’m in the mood for male company because I’m sick of flying solo, I know some great, stylish bars and clubs where I can meet my girlfriends and pick up a stud for the night. One-night stands are fine as long as the guy understands that’s all it is: just a short hookup for sex.?

“The guys I prefer?in their late20s to early 30s?mostly know about one-night deals and are happy to get dressed and go home when I tell them to,? said Lorelei. “It’s guys more around my age and older who want more than a one night thing. I’ll only screw a guy if he’ll come back to my condo. I feel safe there because I have a panic button right next to my bed and there’s always a security guy in the lobby. I can let myself go more at home and get really down and dirty for the guy if that’s the way the night goes.?

“I like oral sex first?giving and receiving?so we both get that first orgasm out of the way. Then it’s time to screw. If the guy doesn’t get me off again, he only gets to fuck me once. But he gets a second time if I cum. If I’m real horny and he’s a great lover, I’ll offer up my butthole. After a bit of chit-chat I’ll send him home. I don’t want a guy to stay because it’s too awkward saying goodbye in the morning. Then I’ll be happy till the next time my pussy craves a hard cock.?

Down And Dirty For The Guys