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Hotties on the Street Convinced to Have Sex in a Truck!?

All sexy amateurs in public, all the time! That’s what you’ll get when you check out BoxTruckSex. Using a model that’s not seen too often in porn, the crew walks up to unsuspecting (and hot!) women on the streets of major European cities, and they convince the hotties to step back into their truck. Whether offering free massages, paid photoshoots, porn casting in public, or just a free city tour, the crew does what it takes to get these girls back into the truck.

Once these amateurs are inside the truck, it’s time to lay on the heavy charm, and you’ll get to watch as these girls slowly open up to the crew. Usually by pulling out money or some heavy flirting, BoxTruckSex is able to convince the women to start stripping – and start having sex in traffic on camera! All of this happens in a magic truck filled with one-way mirrors where the girls can see everything going on in the public streets around them.

I’m pretty fond of watching every scene from start to finish and holding off on my load until the end. Watching the hotties get convinced into the truck is my favorite part, and seeing her nervousness over removing her clothes in the middle of public gets my dick hard, too. Check it out and see if you like it just as much as I do.