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How J.C. Spent Her Summer Vacation

How J.C. Spent Her Summer Vacation

J.C. Simpson is 18 and from New Hampshire. She’s a media studies student at a school of higher learning in Baltimore, Maryland, and she was staying with a friend in Miami, Florida recently when this video was shot. She’s wearing denim shorts over her tight, little ass, and she’s pretty in a slutty kind of way. At the start of this video, she’s smoking a cigarette, exhaling sexily, and teasing our camera man, a guy she’d just met. We don’t know if he got to fuck her later on?-J.C. fucked last time we saw her on we know he would’ve liked to. Who wouldn’t?

So, J.C. strips slowly and shows off her firm tits and shaved pussy, which is vajazzled (to use the current term for a decorated pussy). Then she uses her fingers to stuff her pussy, a dildo not being available, and cums softly but hard, then licks her pussy cum off her fingers.

“I can’t wait to tell my friends at school what I did all summer!? she said. “I betcha I’m the only one who did anything like this!?

Did she say all summer?

How J.C. Spent Her Summer Vacation