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“I’m showing my bod for guys in the military.”

“I love military guys, especially Marines,” said Jamie. “I’d sure sleep with a Marine on a first date if he was treating me good. “My roommate’s boyfriend left a few issues of NN for us to look at and I soon decided that I wanted to pose. She agreed to take the photos: we’ve seen each other naked lots of times and even screwed guys in the same room before. The idea of being paid appealed to me, but I wanted to show my bod to all the military guys who might get to see the mag.” “I’ve had sex with more guys than I should admit to seeing I’m only 18 and just legal,” said Jamie. “I’m not a sure thing and I don’t screw on first dates-not until my Marine comes along. I’m trying hard to concentrate at college but I’m not a good student and there are so many distractions when classes finish. I rely on my roommate to be bossy and make me do my assignments before we go party: she’s real good at it. I bet guys are wondering if me and my roommate get it on sometimes. Well, yeah, we do occasionally, but we both prefer guys and dicks, even if orgasms from her tongue and fingers are the best I’ve ever had.”

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