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One dick and six holes

One dick and six holes

First, the facts. Chennin (blue dress) is 41. She is 5’4”, weighs 120 pounds and wears 36C bras. Liz is 44, 5’10”, weighs 135 pounds and wears 36D bras. Both babes live in Southern California. JMac? He’s one of our studs: lucky bastard! These shots are also from the Cougar Trap DVD, but they are damned hot and so appropriate to this issue that we figured we’d share them with you. Chennin and Liz are close friends, and that lets them get extremely slutty together as one babe encourages the other. The results are here to be enjoyed.

“We’ve done this kinda thing with boyfriends more than once,” admitted Liz. “I mean, we start out as a double date, end up at Chennin‘s place or mine and start making out. Then we catch each other’s eye and get freaky. Some guys can’t perform with another couple nearby, and some find the close company to be an aphrodisiac. So, do we swap partners at a time like that? Sure; that’s a big part of it. Most guys get the biggest thrill of all not from drilling us, but when Chennin and I 69 and get off.”

“I’ve had a couple of threesomes with two guys, and there’s no sexual feeling at all like having two cocks in me, especially when they both cum and flood me with jizz, but I really prefer a threesome like this–two girls and one guy,” said Chennin. “Especially when the other girl is Liz. She really brings out my dirty side…and I love it! I mean, the three of us had talked about
what we were gonna do, but anal sex was never mentioned. But after Liz had cum once and was even more sexed up than before, she looked at JMac and growled, ‘Fuck my ass, babe!’ He didn’t need a second invitation, so we both got our butts reamed, too.”

One dick and six holes