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Sexed By A Stud

Sexed By A Stud

This month, we have another great story on why a babe fucked for our cameras. Chloe, 23, is a souvenir store clerk from Daytona Beach, Florida. Her roommate’s boyfriend is a NN subscriber. The mags seemed to often end up at the girls’ place, and Chloe liked to look through them in bed–alone–at night. (She is “recovering” from a long relationship that she ended.) Well, Chloe got the idea of fucking for us as she really had the hots for Juan. This led to many sessions of diddling herself.

Once Chloe contacted us, we set things up and she drove down to Miami to fulfill her fantasy. Juan even took her out to dinner the night before (the guys never do that), but all he did afterwards was kiss her cheek when he drove her back to her motel.
“I think a lot of girls fantasize about doing porn and screwing a stranger, but most are too chicken to do anything about it,” said Chloe. “That’s not me. Once I get an idea about something, I carry it out. Sure I was nervous as hell about doing Juan and about how good I’d look in the photos, but I forgot all about that and all about the photographers once Juan and I started and lust kicked in.”

“I like slow screwing with lots of position changes,” said Chloe. “And I love to take breaks when we’re still joined and just stroke and cuddle a bit while we calm down before getting all hot and heavy again. I can usually cum during sex and, occasionally, I can hit the jackpot and cum twice. On those occasions I’m so exhausted afterwards that I fall asleep almost immediately. I don’t have a favorite fucking position; I’d rather experiment with different ways to get cock in pussy. Did I cum with Juan? Oh, yeah! Big time, baby! My fantasy was well and truly fulfilled. I’d do a porno movie with him if he asked me.”

Sexed By A Stud