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What’s her big secret?

What's her big secret?

“My brother is about 10 years older than me, and I’m dating his best friend who’s the same age,” Linda said. “We’ve known each other since, like, forever. Lucky for us–I think–my brother lives in Texas now and doesn’t know about us yet. I’ll tell him one day. I hope he doesn’t read NN or he’ll find out in a way that’ll shock him. My boyfriend says I’m an ‘in-your-face girl.’ I’m not really sure what he means by that, but if it means that I love it when guys check me out and talk to me, then he’s right. That’s why I want to be in NN: to show my bod to guys everywhere. I have never felt more sexy than while I was posing for these photos,” said Linda. “It felt so dirty to be spreading my pussy and fingering myself, but I knew I was doing a good job of it because my boyfriend, who was naked, too, soon got a hard-on and couldn’t help but stroke it while he was taking the photos. By the time he said he had enough photos, I was ready for sex. I have never ever wanted a cock inside me more than I did then! I came the quickest I ever have when he pushed his dick inside me.”

What's her big secret?

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